On-Page SEO: Optimizing Website Pages and Content for Search Engines

By | February 27, 2018

On-page SEO is the factors that determine whether or not your website is optimized for search engines viewed from within its own website.

That is, you will do the optimization in your own website.

On-page optimization aims to let search engines know if your website is relevant to what the user is looking for. And really that has the best quality.

Therefore, the key 2 things: relevant, quality.

Without meeting both, it is impossible to get a ranking of 1 in search engines.

In this article, we will study in which parts of your website should apply on-page optimization as well as how to optimize it.


The concept of on-page SEO
In SEO, the concept of on-page optimization is the MAIN thing you must understand.

There is another category of optimization besides on-page (off-page, discussed in the next chapter), but without applying on page optimization it will be useless to do other strategies.

The essence of simple on-page SEO …

… you will optimize the website so that:

High benefit for visitors
Make it easier for visitors to explore
Visitors feel at home in it
Search engines understand the structure of your website
After reading those 4 points, you may ask,

“I’m optimizing for search engines, why even focus on visitors?”

The answer, this …

Search engines can find out whether visitors are satisfied or not with the pages they visit.

Imagine if you are looking for something on Google, then go to one of the websites. Apparently the content is not satisfactory. Most likely after a few seconds you will click the ‘back’ button to search other websites. Yes, right?

Because Google certainly wants to display websites that satisfy users, then your website should satisfy visitors.

Here’s how:

Optimal Website Page Components
There are several factors that affect the satisfaction of website users. We will cover one by one of each of the following categories:

1. Content of the highest quality
If you notice, the content is the main component in the website page. That is, content plays the biggest role in on-page optimization.

It is impossible to get a rating of 1 without having quality content.

… but, what is quality content?

Here are the characteristics:

Provide maximum benefits to visitors
More prominent than other similar content
Listened for a long time by visitors
Generating feelings (amazed, entertained, happy, etc.)
Resolving visitor issues
That’s 5 quality content criteria.

If you want to get ranked 1 in the search engines in a long duration, then your content should meet the five things.

Without exception.

You need to know also that Google openly states that they are against content that:

Thin (thin), in other words not weighting
Do not add value to readers
Not original
Make the reader frustrated (because of low quality)
If your content goes into one of the categories above, it will be very difficult to get a high ranking.

Worse, such content is at risk of penalty!

Google and other search engines are actively updating its algorithm. The more they go, the more they will understand the quality of content.

So, be careful in publishing content for your website.

To assist you in creating good content, please read some of the following guidelines:

2. Keywords are popular and well targeted
Try to recall the last time when you used Google … you wrote a few words as the keyword.

Then Google displays results related to these keywords.

The more relevant the keyword, the higher the rank.

So, optimizing the page means optimizing the keyword.

Every page on your website should be optimized for at least 1 keyword.


By including keywords in your website pages.

Precisely within the content, in the title, and in the URL.

Thus, search engines and visitors will immediately understand what the content of your website pages.

One more thing…

You must understand what the meaning behind a keyword is.

Let’s say someone did a search on Google with the keyword “buy iphone”.

What does that mean?

Does he want to buy an iPhone or does he want to read an article on how to buy an iPhone? Hmm … it seems the first makes more sense.

Google also understands this.

So Google will display the page selling the iPhone.

Therefore, it is impossible to get a high ranking if you provide an article on how to buy an iPhone.